Show Your Tatas!

Tata Motors has luck…The kind of luck that only Pete Best can understand. They had the right thing with their new hatchback, just poor timing. It’s quicker, it’s zippier, bigger and more comfortable than the tin can Nano that we all know and love ( and hopefully never have to ride in) So with all of those improvements, what’s the problem? The name.

“ZICA ZIKA!!!” (You know that’s what that guy is thinking! 49987944.cms

Tata has named their new Hatchback the Zica…which you know unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few weeks is a homonym for the Zika virus, that mosquito spread ick that causes all sorts of bad things to happen to the unborn……

Tata will now rename the vehicle to something a little less scary. I am suggesting something a little more adventurous like The Tata Death Trap! Maybe something sexier would be better, the Tata’s Bodacious…. All other suggestions for the new name can be posted here. I will personally redirect them to Tata motors on your behalf.



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